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TaxShield Service is the tax filing solution for nearly any situation and experience level. If you've ever been confused about how to file taxes, you're not alone. The tax preparation market offers a lot of different options, so finding the right direction can sometimes be difficult. TaxShield Service has learned over many years the importance of clarity, directness, and efficiency for state and federal tax filing.

Whether you're new to filing taxes or have been doing it for years, and whether you're just starting to earn income or have extensive assets to work with, Tax Shield Service has filing options perfectly suited for your needs.


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Mobile App

Provide your customers unmatched convenience with your own Mobile App & Custom Website

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iPROTECT builds a complete shield around your identity from beginning to end - leaving nothing to chance, and its fully integrated into our Software.

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Providing unlimited, 24/7 access to U.S. board certified doctors & other professional services from the convenience of your home.

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Protection +

Industry leading audit assistance that helps tax preparers through IRS audits in the event of a legitimate tax preparer error.

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