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Our Referral Program

Looking to earn fast cash? Create your Referrer account, share it with friends and family, and start getting paid!

Spread the word and get paid

The best compliment we receive from our community are referrals, and we don’t just say thank you. Bring in a new qualified customer to TaxShield and

you’ll receive a $100 Referral check. 

To qualify for payment, your referral cannot have been a TaxShield customer in the last two tax seasons. Their tax return must exceed $1,500, include a bank application, and be accepted by the IRS. If you're not listed in our system as a previous TaxShield customer, no need to fret. Simply set up a referral account below, and your payment will be processed. After submitting your referral form, you'll receive a personalized referral link. Share this link with your friends and family, and when they file their tax return with us, you'll receive your payment via check or direct deposit." 

After you’ve set up a referral account, follow these four steps to earn extra cash:


Save your Referral Link

Once you have your unique referral link, keep it handy. This is your key to earning money effortlessly. 


Tell your friends & faimly

Share your referral link with all your friends and family. This link is linked to your referrer account, ensuring that anyone who receives it will be associated with your referrer account.


Inform your Referrals

All our customers have the opportunity to receive an immediate tax advance of up to $7,000. Moreover, we offer both in-person services at our physical storefronts and remote tax preparation options. Whether they visit us in person or choose to file remotely, they leave with a check, and you'll receive your payment"


Get Paid!

After your referral uses the link you provided, you will receive a notification. Once that customer's tax return is accepted by the IRS, another notification will be sent. You'll then have the opportunity to update your banking information if you prefer direct deposit. If you opt for a check, simply refrain from validating your banking information, and a check will be waiting for you at our office.

Top Referrer Of the season  
      wins a 70″ big screen TV*

Top Referrer Of the season wins a 70″ big screen TV*

Achieve the coveted title of the season's leading referrer and stand a chance to win a grand prize – a 70-inch high-definition television valued at up to $500!